Day 162 – Unfinished Business – 2015


Unfinished Business is an Unfinished film starring Vince Vaughn, Tom Wilkinson and Dave Franco. Mixing business with slapstick comedy it was directed by Ken Scott to the terrible audience and critic reviews stating the film should have stayed on the shelf.

Dan Truckman is an excess metal salesman who is sick and tired of his boss Chuck (Sienna Miller). He quits and leaves in a blaze of glory asking other staff members to join his new business. Outside he meets Tim McWinters (Tom Wilkinson) who has also been fired thanks to him being too old. Also outside is Mike Pancake (Dave Franco) who doesn’t work for the company and is only standing outside after hearing Dan’s speech. They create Apex Select and go off on their adventure. A year later their business is grinding to a halt. One day Dan gets a message from Bill Whilmsley (Nick Frost) who is heading to Portland with his boss Jim Spinch (James Marsden) who will be offering a bid on excess metal to the lowest bidder. It is up to Dan, Tim and Mike to get to Jim first and win that bid.

The film is awful. The pacing is off, the acting is subpar and the overall look is dire. It is like the screenwriter had an idea, and wrote an interesting first half of the film but gave up in the second half, so the director made his own ending up with dire consequences. It just straight up sucks. I wasn’t involved in the characters, Dan especially was a wasted character, because Vince Vaughn is a great actor with comedic timing and charm. The film downsized him to become a bad father, and leader of a terrible company. Tom Wilkinsons character was a sex-crazed pervert, and Dave Franco’s Mike Pancake was a mentally challenged individual who goes on this crazy adventure with those two. Poor Dave Franco, I think he signed up for the paycheck rather than read the content of the script.

How did the producers think mixing the antics of a European trip with business would be a good idea. This film sucked.

Don’t watch it. It is unfinished. Literally.

Should you watch it: HELL NO