Day 166 – Mr Deeds – 2002


Another Adam Sandler film where he plays a man who is out of his depth thanks to coincidental life issues. Starring the main man, Winona Ryder and John Turturro the film was actually a remake of the 1936 film Mr Deeds goes to Town. Directed by Steven Brill (who actually has directed Adam Sandler in the Netflix Movies), it was released in 2002 to critics stating it was ‘stale and unoriginal’.

Longfellow Deeds (Adam Sandler) is a man who inherits his great uncles business after his passing. Being a simple natured man who earns his living by running the local pizza shop he is brought to NYC to see his new empire. At the same time the board of the company want him to sign the papers to sell the company and raise millions from it, and fire thousands of staff. Also he meets Babe Bennett a local girl who falls in love with deeds after making a deal with local media man Mac MacGrath (Jared Harris) to get in the inside scoop behind the business. Along for the ride is Deeds butler Emilio Lopez played by a charismatic and mysterious John Turturro.

The film is actually a remake, moving the timeline into our day and age. Unfortunately for Adam Sandler the execution and motives of Longfellow Deeds and why he does half the stuff in the film is not explained at thats where the film fumbles. Essentially Deeds gets 300 Million Dollars and good things with the money whilst the antagonists are trying to stop him with love and deception. Its a boring film which ultimately gets Deeds into some sticky situations but the filmmakers try to make it funny with gags and jokes that miss the punchline.

The film has a predicatble storyline, the cast are sidelined with a boring plot and the overall tone is missed thanks to poor generic acting from Adam Sandler. The film down righted sucked, just like Adam Sandlers other films such as Little Nicky, Big Daddys and his first film Going Overboard. He brought back the funny with Click, You Don’t Mess with the Zohan and Grown Ups, but unfortunately this film is a bad remake of what I think was a celebrated classic.

Should you watch it: NO

Day 96 – The Do-Over – 2016


This is film number 2 for Adam Sandler’s 4 film Netflix contract. The first was called the Ridiculous 6 and was a parody of The Magnificent 7. This is an original story starring himself and David Spade. Essentially it is another vehicle for Adam Sandler to portray his style of comedy with gross-out gags, insert humour and childish behaviour. As I have said before, I do enjoy his films with Happy Gilmore and You Don’t Mess with the Zohan being the best he has ever done. Did he repeat history and create a hilarious romantic comedy with one of his best friends?

The short answer is no.

The film starts with David Spades Charlie at a school reunion watching his wife dancing vigorously with her ex-husband in the middle of the dance floor. He is disgusted, but unfortunately thanks to his persona he says nothing, and out of nowhere his old friend Max Kessler appears. He tells him to leave his old life, so he does and then has to deal with the consequences. It is an interesting film let down by the boring script and the terrible character introductions connoting a terrible film from the outset. Ever since 2007, all of his films have been critically panned.

The gags and the lame comedy combined with Sandler’s attitude to taking the mick out of another onscreen character have returned with The Do-Over. The main joke in this film is David Spade, who at times in the film you feel incredibly sad for at the same time as laugh secretly on the side. Poor David Spade

There are two redeeming factors to this film, the first being the casting of the femme fatal that is Heather Fishman played by the insatiable Paula Patton. Every time she is on screen, you feel euphoric thanks to her charm and overall presence. It’s a shame that she was wasted on a project like this after starring in the excellent Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol. The second redeeming factor is the subplot of Max Kessler and why he did what he did in the film. I am not going to spoil it, but it is incredibly serious of Adam Sandler to play a character with a soul.

Overall the film is bad, so is the acting from both Sandler and Spade. I wouldn’t recommend this film, even it Netflix recommended it.

Should you watch it: NO

Day 90 – Grown Ups 2 – 2013


Look how bad this poster looks, it’s like the producers asked some kid to photoshop fun on to the posterNow the original Grown Ups was a comedy vehicle for Adam Sandler, Kevin James, Chris Rock and David Spade. It was funny and had some genuine laugh out loud moments. It was a film destined for the bargain box at your local DVD shop. But according to Sandler, it was a success, so he asked his buddies to make a second one. They all agreed, and here I am reviewing a film no one asked for.

Essentially Lenny and his friends move back to the town they grew up in. They all have great jobs, and their families are actually enjoying living there. It is a great time to be Adam Sandler. The jokes are crude, childish and overall slightly cringe. It’s a film designed for the person who can’t follow the plot. The film you put on when the kids come over, the film you play on a Sunday evening when you can’t find anything on Netflix.

Every joke in the film is at someone else expense, and that the entire concept of the film. Gag after gag, crude joke after crude joke. It gets worse and worse. And that’s the problem, I love it. The jokes are so lame, something that I do in real life. The physical comedy is also gross, and it’s so self-deprecating that the humour comes full circle. The first film was Sandler having fun, this is him cashing in the check for more money at the box office. Ohh and what was the deal with Nick Swardson. Why was he always drunk, high or off his rocker throughout? The guy was the brunt of all the jokes.

This film is like watching Adam Sandler and friends asking the devil to be great again. Unfortunately for them, they did not achieve this. His jokes are just so lame. I don’t know why Netflix asked him to make films exclusively for them.

The cast is impressive, with Sandler asking some of his old Saturday Night Live crew to join in the antics. Also Shaquille O’Neill, Stone Cold Steve Austin and even an appearance from old time pal Jon Lovitz. Cameo galore.

Overall a bad (but funny) film from Sandler, and his friends. He brings the gags, and even the emotion but unfortunately there is no plot development what so ever. Just a day in the life of Lenny, and the crap he gets up to in the small town where everyone and I quote “swam in the lake aged 8”. Rob Schnieder, you were lucky you were busy making another film, instead of starring in this car crash. Terrible.

Should you watch it: NO